To become a good backlink expert you have to following backlink building strategies ethically so that the SEO results it will provides will last and will not harm the website keywords and web pages.

Here is a summary and table content that summarize what we will describe the way you can become the best backlink builder in SEO's off page techniques

What is Link Building?

Link Building is the process of creating web backlinks that link your website's domain name pages to other third-party websites.

Who is a Link Building Expert?

A link Building Expert is an SEO Specialist who provides backlink services to other websites in order to increase their organic ranking and online referral traffics.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a clickable online link created to an external website with an anchor text that points and redirects a user to your website whenever a user clicks on it.

What are the Link Building Services?

Link building services are organic search engine marketing services offered by an SEO Specialist or an SEO Agency for creating a website's backlinks on authoritative and relevant targeted backlinks.

Responsibilities of a Link Builder in SEO

A Link Builder is an SEO Specialist who strives to find the vital backlinks opportunity for a given website project.

Therefore a Link Builder is responsible for company's or business backlink strategies and has to oversee the potential backlinks that may boost the ranking and traffics to the website and has to track the performance of a website's backlinks and impact it will have on keywords ranking and organic traffics of the inbound links he has created.

Moreover, a Link Builder has to avoid any black hat backlink strategies that may drop the keywords ranking or that may lead to manual actions such as Google Penalty. He has to block any harmful backlinks that he may find on the website.

A link Builder has to report backlinks of the website and disavow any backlinks that are not relevant to the website ranking and referral performance.

Brief duties and responsibilities of a backlink specialist

  • Keyword Research
  • Research article topics
  • Target potential websites
  • Competitors Backlink Analysis
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • Email Outreach
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Collaborate with Writers and web developers
  • Monitoring SEO and Backlink performance

Backlinks Creation Mistakes every Link Building Specialist has to avoid

  • Linking to bad websites
  • Buying Backlinks
  • Using PBN(Private Blog Networks)
  • Create Backlinks on irrelevant websites
  • Using non-optimized anchor text
  • Stuffing anchor text
  • Creating backlinks in a short span
  • Placing links in footer or sidebar
  • Linking only on homepage
  • Getting a backlink from a website with tones of outgoing links
  • Creating many backlinks from a single domain name
  • Create quantity of backlinks over quality
  • Not setting backlinks goals
  • Not measuring backlinks performance

These are more common backlink mistakes any backlink specialist has to avoid to succeed in his link-building career.

  • Misusing anchor text such as generic anchor text
  • Keyword stuffing in your anchor text
  • Buying backlinks is also a dangerous strategy that may cost your SEO Strategies and major search engines can detect a website that sells backlinks
  • Using reciprocal backlinks may affect your SEO ranking. Do link exchange careful to avoid losing your ranking
  • Linking to a low-quality website; may degrade and ruin your website reputation. To get the best of backlinking target high-quality websites and mix with medium DA websites but not low-quality websites.
  • Positioning your backlink in the footer or sidebar will not help as much because the good backlink is the one from an article or a blog.
  • Using PBN or Private Blog Network which are blogs that bought just be used for creating backlinks. So whenever search engines detect a PBN backlink it will drop your ranking. Hence PBN websites are less updated and have less web traffics.
  • Tones of backlinks in a short span
  • Not personalizing outreach messages
  • Linking only your home page only
  • Using always the same anchor text
  • Not combining high and low-quality PR sites
  • Link on a page with many outgoing links
  • Acquiring many backlinks from the same domain domains
  • Over optimized anchor text
  • Quantity over quality backlinks
  • Not set backlink Goals
  • Not measuring the performance of your backlinks

Strategies for creating backlinks

To become a Backlink Expert in SEO you have to know the strategies you can use to create backlinks even though getting high authority and relevant backlinks is tough but try these strategies so that you can improve your SEO and organic traffics.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is the most efficient backlink strategy that many SEO Agencies use to acquire backlinks.

Guest Blogging consists of writing blogs or articles to third-party websites by creating a link that redirects a reader to your own website.

News Aggregators

News Aggregators are tools that collect information from blogs and online newspapers. Many news aggregator websites help a Back Link Specialist to create backlinks by linking the website to news feeds and creating short content related to a page that he wants to link.

Social Media Backlinks

Social Media Platforms provide backlinks and are good for creating links that point to your website. So you have to optimize your social media channels properly and use unique content on each social media account so that you can link your web pages on each social media post and link your home page to social media profiles.

Types of backlinks

  • Editorial Backlinks
  • Resource Backlinks
  • Acquired Backlinks
  • Reciprocal Backlinks
  • Blog and Forum Backlinks
  • Directory Backlinks
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Image Backlinks
  • Guest Blogging Backlinks
  • Social Media Backlinks
  • Testimonial and review backlinks
  • Digital PR
How to become a backlink expert
How to become a backlink Expert

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial Backlinks are natural backlinks that link your website without asking for them or making any effort to get them. The editorial backlinks are free to acquire and are among the best backlinks once you get them from authoritative and relevant websites.

Resource Backlinks

Resource Backlinks are links you get when you provided important information such as an interview, or after publishing research on certain topics.

Resource backlinks are mostly created by Journalists and bloggers by quoting what you have said or published that leads them to link your website as the source of information.

Acquired Backlinks

Acquired backlinks are Links you get by distributing them or by spending some amount of money to get them. It requires much effort to get such kinds of backlinks and you have to work hard for those kinds of backlinks.

Reciprocal Backlinks

Reciprocal Backlinks called Link Exchange. It is a backlink technique a link builder uses to exchange links from their website to another website.

Even though Google Algorithm nowadays does not value the link exchange made directly from one website to another. You have to avoid creating excessive reciprocal links to avoid keywords ranking drops.

Blogs and Forum Comments

Blogs and Forums comments are a link-building technique of creating backlinks by commenting and linking your website in the forums and blogs comment sections. Most of those backlinks are no-follow but they can increase the traffics and domain authority.

Email Outreach

To become a backlink specialist you have to master the art of blogger outreach and know how to target and contact the professionals who are potentially ready to provide you with backlinks


Infographics are informational graphics that illustrate useful information in a form of an image. You can create useful and unique infographics and link them to your website.

There are many infographics websites that you can use to link your website out there. Some Infographics directories are free and others require paying some amount.

Testimonial and review backlinks

Testimonial and reviews are backlinks that create after giving a testimonial or a review of a company, business, services, or products.

Digital PR backlinks

Digital PR is an online press release website that allows you to submit your company's press release and by linking your website to online media.

Content Repurposing backlinks

Content repurposing is a backlink content technique that a backlink expert use to rewrite his old content in another format such as video or infographics of old content similar content to repurpose content

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a technique of finding the broken links that no longer redirect the users to any web page in order to reedit those backlinks by linking them to your website. The broken backlinks may be redirected to a nonexistent website or non-existing web page.

Brand Mention

Brand mention is a link-building technique of finding the place where they have mentioned your company but they did not link your web pages in the story. So you can request to link your website to your mentioned brand.

Skyscraper backlinks

Skyscraper is an SEO technique you use by finding an interesting article and making a far better version of it and by approaching people who linked to existing similar articles to link to yours as well.


Characteristics of a Backlink Expert

A backlink Expert is a link-building professional who spends most of the time searching for backlink opportunities and using them to create useful backlinks to his website.

Backlinking in SEO requires effort, patience, and determination. So to become successful in a backlink career, there are the main characters you have to build in order to improve your website ranking and generate useful referral backlinks.

Here are the main characteristic of a backlink expert

  • Socially Networking
  • Not afraid to talk to strangers
  • Not fearing rejections
  • Ready to get out of the comfort zone
  • Negotiations skills
  • Staying updated with SEO trends
  • Competitors analysis

Backlink tools

A backlink expert has to master the use of the main link-building tools to help him analyze and track the performance of his backlink effort and strategies. Therefore these tools help also to spy on the competitors so that he can use better techniques than his competitors.

List of the main backlink tools

There are many backlink tools but the following are the most popular that link builders use to get the best backlinks.

  • HREF
  • SEMRush
  • Hunt

Creating high-quality links always requires buying the premium backlink tools otherwise it will be hard for any SEO Consultant to perform backlink audits and competitors analysis.

How to remove low and bad backlinks

Link-building professional skills include the backlink audit for detecting bad and low-quality backlinks that affect negatively the ranking of a website.

To find the bad backlinks you have to use SEO backlink tools to find the backlinks you do need to keep linking to your website. Therefore you have to create a file of bad backlinks and disavow them by submitting the URL files in Google Search Console disavow tool.

Responsibilities of a link building specialist

The duties and responsibilities of a link building specialist are as follow

  • Backlink opportunities research
  • Keyword research
  • Anchor text preparation
  • Competitors analysis
  • Preparing content for targeted websites
  • Target potential backlink websites
  • Track backlink performance
  • Create backlink reports

Skills of a backlink expert

There are many skills required to become a backlink building expert but these are the main skills you have to possess to have a successful career in link building.

  • Communication skills
  • Content writing
  • HTML
  • Keyword research
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Patience

Backlink anchor text

Anchor text has a huge impact on your link-building success. To get the best of SEO backlinks you have to create a meaningful anchor text to your linking websites that are rich in keywords you want to rank.


  • Do not use the same keywords on different anchor text many times in your backlinks to avoid keyword stuffing and search engine manipulation which may lead to rank dropping and Google manual actions and penalties.
  • Check the beginning and the end of the text that is close to your anchor text to make sure that your backlink matches the content and context of your target linking websites.
  • Do not create many do-follow anchor text links that to the same domain names or the same linking website page.

Characteristics of a good backlink

The characteristics of a good backlink are as follow

Editorial backlink

  • Authoritative backlink
  • Relevant backlink
  • Natural anchor text

No-follow vs. Do-follow

The difference between no-follow and do-follow backlinks are web links that tell search engines to follow and increase the keywords and ranking of a website whereas no-follow backlinks instruct search engines to not follow and improve the keywords and anchor texts of a website.

How to become a Backlink Expert

To become a backlink expert you have to focus on the following skills and knowledge

  • Learn SEO and how search engines works and backlinks
  • Create a website or a blog
  • Buy SEO tools especially backlink tools
  • Read and follow many backlinks articles and blogs
  • Apply for backlink and SEO Jobs
  • Target potential SEO and backlink clients

Potential backlink providers

To target a place where you can get backlinks here are the professionals that may provide backlinks to your website.

  • Webmasters
  • Journalists
  • Editors
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Forums
  • Customers and Suppliers
  • Business Partners
  • Website owners
  • Bloggers

Content Marketing for Backlinks

Content Marketing is an online strategy that helps backlink specialists to create backlinks while creating useful content that will market their company's brand and images. A link builder has to assist content marketers in order to create content that people will like to link on their websites.

Content Marketer vs Backlink Specialist

A content Marketer is a marketing professional who promotes the content of a company whereas a backlink specialist focuses solely on creating backlinks but they work together to increase referral traffics.

Backlink Services

Backlink services consist of providing backlinks to the customers that want to link their websites to third-party websites.

Backlink services are still crucial to increase web ranking. So for example backlink services in Dubai for instance let take an SEO agency it will offer to its customers the following services such as guest blogging, email outreach, content creating, article submission, press release, business directories profiles creation to help the website to gain more backlinks that will increase ranking and web referrals.

Backlinks are still one of the major factors of SEO ranking which is the reason why many backlink providers have increased. In addition, backlink providers are found in every industry.


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