Digital marketing automation tools consist of online software programs that marketing professionals combine for setting, analyzing and measuring online marketing campaigns. Many online marketing platforms and channels have built-in marketing automation tools that help marketing professionals and companies to perform easily different marketing tasks. Even though those built-in marketing automation tools are installed within the software. Most of the time those tools are not enough to simplify the process of advertising, tracking, analyzing and measuring the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

To get the best of digital marketing tools, you must have an online platform such as a domain name, website, social media, or a mobile application so that you can automate your marketing campaign tasks and goals.

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How to get digital marketing automation tools

It is easy to get most of the digital marketing automation tools. There are free digital marketing tools and paid tools. Despite many of those marketing tools are paid, there are freemium tools or you can install and use a free version of the paid tools with limited access. You do not worry if you are not ready to spend money on those tools, you can try their trial version as most of them offer 14 days to 30 days trials for free.

Below are uses of automation tools

- CRM and leads generation
- Email marketing
- Social media marketing
- SEO and SEM
- Digital Data Analytics
- Remarketing and Retargeting
- eCommerce Marketing and Advertising
- Business Intelligence Analytics
- Big Data
- Programmatic ads

Digital marketing automation tools are vital for companies that want to drive their marketing and analytics efforts on a higher level. Be it small, medium or big business. The good side of automation tools is that their prices depending on the size of your company, so you spend as you use. Marketing automation tools simplify your marketing strategies, performance analytics, decision making for a better profit and results.