Display advertising is posting visual content on websites or Mobile Apps. Display advertising consists of text, web banners, Flyers, Animations and Video on a web or Apps so that online users can see or watch on a target web page or App. Display Advertising Services mostly focuses on text, 2G banners, GIF or animated images, and Video Animations. The advertisers may be charged whenever a web visitor saw or watched the displayed content or clicked the ads shown on the user interface.

What is Video Marketing or Advertising?

Video Marketing consists of advertising the company’s products or services through video content. On this website, we will gather online video marketing via built-in or third-party websites or mobile apps.

On Video Marketing Services we will discuss together Video marketing and advertising from Google which is mostly run by YouTube Marketing and Google Display Campaigns that help to display a short video on the advertiser’s web-pages. We will learn the techniques and strategies for optimizing your video ads. Therefore we will see how to apply video marketing strategies used on different Social Media Platforms and Channels.

Display Advertising Services
Display Marketing Services

What about Display Advertising?

Display Advertising involves every visual advertising that can be displayed on web visitor pages or Apps. But on this blog, we will emphasize on Web Banners, Animated Advertising such as GIF that combines Text and images in a single picture with clickable web links. Here we will mostly elaborate on Google Display ads and Social Media Display Ads and how to optimize those ads. Display Marketing consists also of retargeting and Remarketing in order to show display ads to people who visited our website but did not complete the action we wanted to do such as filling a form or buying a product or service. This remarketing will help our marketing campaigns to convert the sales leads.

We will learn together how big companies compete and use and spend so much money on digital display marketing strategies for branding their products and services and generating online sales.