Email Marketing Consists of promoting and marketing your products or services through email campaigns. On this blog we learn how to write converting emails, to track and creating user-friendly landing pages. Therefore we will learn how to filter your emails, the best tools to use during email marketing campaigns.

Our focus on Email Marketing Services will be mostly on the most popular email marketing software such as MailChimp. Moreover, you learn the tricks and trips to write and Design successful email campaigns for converting the potential targeted customers. We will connect and link your emails with web analytic tools especially Google Analytics and built-in email tracking tools. We will thoroughly track your email during our marketing campaigns.

For achieving the best web page or website’s Search Engine Results there are two optimization steps the owner of a website has to optimize their website’s content. Those optimization steps are on-page and off-page optimization.

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We will describe how to group, segment your email campaigns, you will also learn to use automation tools and tricks such as display images, customized customers’ names during your email campaigns. Therefore you will get to know how to import and export your emails, how to use excel spreadsheets in your email campaigns for saving your time. You will read articles on how to get the best of email content studio, HTML, CSS Codes and how to design emails without using codes and scripts.

Email Database management is another point we will describe on this blog. We will teach you how to automate your email database and combine your strategies with other marketing channels such as social media marketing, Google display and remarketing or retargeting using your email database. Email marketing also uses some techniques that are used in CRM or Customers relationships management.

Finally, you will be able to understand your email reporting and how to view and track the metrics of your previous email campaigns. You will explore the power of your email reports.