PPC means Pay Per Per Click. It is a digital advertising strategy that requires you to pay to publishers for promoting your company’s products or services each time a user clicks on your published Ad link or web banner that could redirect them to your web pages.

To advertise your business globally or locally, if you are around, you can find the best PPC services in Dubai or anywhere through freelancers or digital marketing agencies.

The advertisers or Marketers place advertisements, which may be a web link or a web banner on an advertising website such as search engines or Mobile Apps. So whenever a user clicks on those ads, the web marketers will be charged the bid amount that he has set up on his advertising account.

On PPC marketing strategies, we will focus on the most useful Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Therefore, we will also take a look at PPC services from popular Social Media Marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

PPC Services in Dubai
Pay Per Click
PPC Pay Per Click Services

To optimize your budget and achieve better Pay Per Click Services, you have to hire an experienced digital professional who can optimize your marketing budget. If you are in Dubai, you can find a PPC Expert or an advertising agency that can transform your business return on investment and Key Performance Indicators.

SEM Services in Dubai

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which means that it focuses on search engine advertisements only. Top Freelancers or Digital media Agencies often offer SEM services in Dubai or UAE.

In brief, Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the marketing strategy used for promoting the products or services through Search Engines platforms.

Search Engine Marketing involves Websites and Mobile Apps Marketing platforms. The advertisers use clickable web links or hyperlinks, Banners, Video, which redirect users to your company's website.

Using Search Engine Marketing requires you to pay some money to the companies that own Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, or Baidu to promote or brand your company’s products and services.

Using paid search engines in your advertising campaigns helps you to reach far directly without waiting for optimizing your website SEO and keywords. SEM Services help new and established companies catch potential online searchers who are likely to convert or take necessary actions on your web, such as buying the products or services.

SEM Services in Dubai are most of the time mixed with other additional digital solutions, mostly with social media marketing. But here we are focusing on pure SEM made with Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, Google Partners, and Bing Advertising.

Remember that SEM focuses on all types of Search Engines Marketing bee it searches or displays Ad campaigns.

To get the best of SEM, you have to understand the process of organic search engine Optimization ranking popularly known as SEO so that you can earn a high-Quality Score during your paid campaigns.

Here in this business city of Dubai, you can find an SEM Expert or an advertising agency. Even in your nearest UAE Emirates, there are search engine optimizers who can help you get the best SEM advertising results.

Difference between PPC vs. SEM

The difference between SEM and PPC is the limit of what they both can do. PPC focuses on all aspects of digital marketing that requires to use pay per click approaches. In contrast, SEM focuses only on Search Engines Ads and any type of search engine promotions you can set on your advertising account.

SEM Expert

SEM expert is a search engine marketing specialist who can help you to save your money and generates more leads while running your online digital advertising. He has expertise with popular search engines such as Google and Bing marketing and he increases your ROI Turnover with excellent SEM Services.

The responsibilities of an SEM Expert include search ads, display ads, and remarketing ads. Therefore he is a person who has deep knowledge of web analytics and will provide the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

The difference between PPC vs. CPC

CPC OR Cost Per Click

The difference between PPC and CPC is that PPC is just a common term for Pay Per Click, while CPC is part of PPC, which means that is Cost Per Click; the total amount you pay for all those clicks you get during a specific PPC campaign.

Remember that CPC is an abbreviation of Cost Per Click; It is the total amount publishers charge an advertiser once a web visitor or potential customers have clicked your Ad’ link.

Cost Per Click or CPC Formula

CPC = Advertising cost / Number of Clicks

CPC Example

Suppose your Ad gets 2 clicks; the first was 0.2 AED; the next click charges you 0.4 AED, so the total click cost is 0.6 AED.

So your CPC = 0.6/2 = 0.3 AED per click

PPC on Search Engines

Search Engines have their PPC system, commonly called SEM. To advertise on search engines, you have to create an advertisers' account, depending on which search engine platform you want to use.

The major search engines that most marketers use are Google and Bing. But in Russian-speaking countries, they mostly use Yandex, while most people advertise on Baidu in Chinese speaking countries.

Google PPC

Google Search platform involves different advertising forms such as search network campaigns, Display networks, Google shopping campaigns, etc.

Google charges you whenever potential customers click on a particular link that you place on Google, publishers, or Google partners' websites.

Ecommerce PPC

Online Stores have their specific PPC Services and different advertising systems compared to non-shopping business. If you have an eCommerce website and want to directly sell your products on the internet, it is better to use Google Shopping campaigns.

If you are not sure where to start, you can hire an eCommerce specialist specializing in Google Shopping campaigns to help you sell your products without wasting your marketing budget.

PPC on display Ads

Many display Ads are automatically linked with Pay Per Click campaigns that charge you each time a customer clicks on your visual Ads and redirects to your landing pages.

Both search engines and social media platforms allow you to place your web banners with clickable rich texts. Therefore you can directly link your images and graphical Ads to your landing pages.

Search Engines and Social Media channels can charge you on both CPC and CPM. Moreover, suppose a user saw your visual Ads only without clicking. In that case, the publishers will not charge you; in most cases, they will charge you only after getting a thousand views, known as cost per mille, depending on which publisher you are dealing with.

Bing PPC

Bing is a search engine from the Microsoft advertising division. The features of Bing marketing are similar to those of Google. Bing will charges whenever a web visitor clicks on Ad link you placed on Microsoft or its advertising partners.

Bing has different Ad campaigns from search engine marketing to display Ads. You can set your campaigns and check your ROI.

Suppose you evaluate your Bing PPC advertising KPI and find out that you are getting a good ROI from it, why you cannot stick with it even though we know that Bing is not a popular search engine. You can continue to promote your business with it as long as you are making money from it. Remember that Microsoft is a big company that surprises us every year with new stunning products and services.

Social Media PPC

Social Media PPC is digital advertising that involves online social channels with Pay Per Click marketing strategies.

With social media marketing, you pay some amount whenever a user clicks on your web link and gets redirected to your website. Most social media have marketing strategies that involve PPC. The most popular ones are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Those popular social media companies allow you to place your weblink Ads to their websites, Mobile Apps, and partners’ digital platforms.