Local SEO Services does not differ much from any other SEO strategies, the only difference is that it focuses on a particular region or area such as a town, city, or even a country.

In this article, we will emphasize on techniques and strategies SEO Experts use to get a good ranking on local search engines. In this Local SEO Services, we will have a case study that includes especially on how Dubai SEO Services Provider applies these techniques to get the best of search engine algorithms.

The following are tricks and secrets you need to apply in your SEO services whether you are an SEO agency in Dubai or any other city, or if you an SEO Specialist in UAE or any other country these tips can help you outrank your competitors.

Local SEO Keywords

Local keywords are a crucial part of your SEO if you want to get the best keywords ranking especially in your area. You have to research the most useful search terms that your potential customers may type to find your company and business.

It is recommended to use SEO tools to find the local keywords that have high search volume in your industry so that you can optimize your website ranking. Therefore you can also research the keywords your competitors are ranking on, that you did not optimize yet. There are many SEO tools that can help you to achieve your local SEO goals but the best free SEO tool to help you get keywords search volume is Google keyword planner.

For example in Dubai SEO Agencies and Experts, the keyword with high search volume is “SEO Dubai” which means in your country and business industry there is such kind of keywords that bring much traffics than others. Such keywords will help you to make sales and generates a lot of web traffics on your website and physical location.

Local SEO

Local Maps listing

Most local maps give you a free option of listing your business online and linking your company’s information and contact addresses to local maps.

There are local and international companies that provide options for listing your business online depending on your region and rules. The most popular companies that offer maps listing available in many countries are Bing maps from Microsoft Inc., Apple maps from Apple Inc., and the most famous is called Google My Business from Google and Alphabet Inc.

Local map listing does not limit only to those big and multinational listing companies. There are also advertising agencies that have their own local listing maps that you may find depending on your country.

For instance, there are private local advertising agencies in UAE that offer local listing maps for Dubai and the other UAE Emirates for free or for nominal fees.

Local Google SEO

Google offers various SEO tools that you will need for optimizing your local SEO. Apart from Google My Business and Google Keyword Planner for keywords suggestions and search volume. There are other Google tools that will improve your local keywords ranking.

Google Autocomplete

Google autocomplete helps you get local keywords' suggestions that local web users are using to find your company or your competitors' websites.

To get the keywords from Google autocomplete, you have to use the Google search box by typing your location followed by your industry's search terms.

For instance, if I want to search my industry keywords I can type "Dubai SEO" then wait for a while then Google will drop down the search intent of other keyword suggestions that people in Dubai are searching in my industry. Then later I have to choose the top keywords that match my business.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps local SEO Consultants to optimize keywords visibility in their regions especially countries so that local customers will find their keywords firstly over the other websites located in other countries.

For example, if you offer services or you are a local business owner you can strictly use Google Search Console to prioritize your search keywords in a specific country.  For instance, for me who provides SEO Services in Dubai, I can tick United Arab Emirates in GSC as my country so that I can better ranking on local people mostly who search using google.ae website.

If you have a company that offers almost all services in one country or city it is better to strictly prioritize that country in Google Search Console.

Competitors Keywords

In every business, there are always competitors who may have a better SEO than yours, or who may outrank you on some important keywords.

I use to say and repeat that a good competitor in SEO ranking can be a good teacher. You need to learn from your competitors' keywords ranking strength and avoid making their mistakes as well.

To win in SEO business you have to know the list of high search volume keywords that your competitors are using to outrank you locally and start optimizing and focusing on improving them.

So you have to spy on how your competitors find their high authority backlinks and their linking anchor text and create better backlinks and anchor text.

Local citations and NAP

Local citations known as Name, Address, and Phone or NAP are important for ranking on local keywords regardless of your business industry.

Even though local citations provide much more than being only name, Address, and Phone, it also allows you to add more information about your business and in most cases, it will allow you add your website links. So all you need is to be consistent with the information you list on local citations.

To get the best results and trust from major search engines you have to be consistent while registering your information on local websites so that search engines will give your website a green light and better ranking.

Local Business Directories

In every country or region, there are business directories that you can register your company's business category that matches depending on your services or products you provide. Many local business directories and yellow pages are free while others may charge you monthly or yearly fees.

The advantage of registering your company on local directories is that you may target new customers on those sites and most importantly you can create backlinks on local business directories even if many of them may be no-follow backlinks.

On page optimization

To get a good local ranking you have to make sure that you have built a strong on page SEO otherwise all your effort will be in vain.

The strategy of getting a good local SEO ranking is that you have to include your local and regional keywords in your web pages.

You can use your local keywords in

  • Title tags
  • Meta description
  • H1 or H2 tags
  • URL Links
  • Blogs and Articles

Local Content

Content is key for outranking your competitors but for a business that operates in a country or region, it is better sometimes to write content that focuses on local business to attract local market and customers.

To get the best content, you have to research the most important topics that teach or answer the questions your potential customers may have. Moreover, you need to include your region in the content so that your local clients will feel included in your content's topics.

Local Backlinks

Creating local backlinks helps you increase your SEO and keywords ranking in your city or country's region.

For example, in Dubai, there are many news websites, blogs that you can locally target. Therefore in the whole UAE, there are other websites that operate in all GCC or the Middle East that can provide you backlinks or that can cover your business and revamp your Public relations.

Apart from that, you can do local guest posting as there are websites in Dubai and UAE that accept guest posting with certain conditions to follow.

To get a website where you can publish your articles in your city or country, you can google your region with a bracket then add the "write for us keyword". For example; Dubai “write for us” you will see a list of Dubai websites and blogs that accept guest posting.

Local Landing Pages

Local landing pages are important to web pages for companies that operate and serve more than one country or have offices in more than one city.

For instance suppose that you have an SEO Agency that offers SEO Services in all UAE Emirates such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm al Quwain.

In this case, it is advised to create a web page for each city. For example company's website will look like that.

  • https://seovow.com/seo-dubai
  • https://seovow.com/seo-abu-dhabi
  • https://seovow.com/seo-sharjah           
  • https://seovow.com/seo-ajman
  • https://seovow.com/seo-fujairah
  • https://seovow.com/seo-ras-al-khaimah
  • https://seovow.com/seo-umm-al-quwain

You can replace SEOVOW domain name with your company's own domain


If your company operates in more than one country, it is not necessary to put your region on the home page. You can also create different web pages for each country.

Local Markup Structure

Local markup structure is a JSON code you can put in your header tag to tell search engines that your business is located in a certain area.

Even though it serves the same purpose as Google My Business. You can use them mostly if you have a business like a restaurant because the local markup structure has additional features that Google My Business does not have.

Embed Google Map on your website

You can embed your registered Google Map address directly on your website. To embed your map, search your business on Google Maps, then click on the Goggle Map menu, then choose share and embed, choose to embed and copy and paste the codes they provide on your website's HTML codes.

Company Local Reviews

Local reviews play a big role in your company’s SEO ranking. So to get positive reviews on Google maps requires you first to offer impeccable services then once you know that your customers are fully satisfied you can approach them and ask for positive reviews on your Google my business page.

Recently Google has announced that it is going to boost SEO for the companies that have acquired many positive reviews which means that the more you get many positive reviews, the more you get advantages over other companies that do not have reviews or that have negative reviews.

Contact us pages

Contact us pages are the web pages that you put the addresses and contacts of your company so that your customers can reach out to you easily. To optimize your SEO you have to make it easy for your customers to contact you by adding your location and important keywords so that people may type in your different location in Google search and find your company products or services.

If your company has offices in more than one location it is always important to separate your contact us pages by creating a contact us page on each location with unique content and keywords on each location so that you will get a good ranking whenever people search for your company in different cities or countries.

SEO Dubai case study

To sum up, as I told you in every industry there are keywords with high search volume. In our advertising industry, SEO Dubai keywords are the most popular search term. So to rank on these keywords requires using them on my website's home page. To create articles and blogs on the same and I have to create the backlinks with SEO Dubai as well so that the SEO VOW website will appear when people google SEO Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Local SEO Services helps small and medium companies to get regional sales and deals, it is very hard to succeed internationally before succeeding in your location. So focus on your region keywords then after outranking your competitors in your area, you can start thinking about strategies you can use for getting the best SEO results in other countries or regions.

For multinational companies that operate and have offices in more than one country, it is good to separate your SEO web pages for each country or city so that you can win on both pages which will lead to a good SEO overall for your whole website and home page.


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