Social Media Marketing consists of the strategies and techniques used to advertise products or services on social media channels. The social media services we will use on this website are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

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We will discuss the basics and advanced Social Media Marketing, paid and non-paid marketing, Free Social Media tools, Social Media Optimization, Tips and Tricks for tracking Social Media Performance and KPI. We will learn how to set up tracking scripts and codes on our websites, remarketing and different secrets behind Social Media Marketing.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing consists of marketing a product or service on Facebook platform. On this website, we will learn how to advertise on Facebook by using advanced techniques and strategies used for making money on Facebook. We will learn about Facebook remarketing, Facebook Pixel, Categories, Events, Tracking, tools, trends and different advanced techniques for making money online with Facebook.

We will write articles on Facebook content such as copywriting, Hashtags, images, and video posts to be used on our Facebook campaigns. You will know how to measure the success of your Facebook campaigns and how to optimize your Facebook campaigns and ROI.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing involves promoting and branding the products or services of a company via Instagram. We will learn how to make money on Instagram, how to optimize Instagram content such as ad, text, images, photos, video, Hashtags, tagging, measurements and tracking of our Instagram campaigns. How to get more followers and engagements.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing consists of advertising your products or services on Twitter. Twitter marketing is the most sophisticated in social media marketing. Therefore it is among the most challenging social media marketing platform. We will learn how to write the best twitter marketing content and ad campaigns. On this website, you will understand all the tricks and tips behind twitter such as increasing your Twitter followers and engagements. You will discover advanced strategies and techniques used for measuring and tracking twitter marketing campaigns.
Twitter marketing involves some marketing tools that will help you optimize your campaigns and how to connect your twitter account will your website and analytics tools.

LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin Marketing involves promoting and advertising your products or services on LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn is the most popular social media channel for working professionals. This ranks LinkedIn Marketing among the best social media platform for digital marketers. We will teach you how to get the best from LinkedIn such as tracking and screening professional profiles, messaging, posting and measuring LinkedIn marketing performance and success.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing is one of the most underrated Social Media platforms for Advertisers but here we will learn how to use Pinterest for Marketing and making money out of Pinterest Marketing Campaigns. Pinterest can help you to sell and to optimize your content and sell your products or services online. On this blog, we will reveal some secrets that Pinterest users apply to get more customers and generating more sales leads.