Display Ads

Display Advertising Dubai

Display advertising involves visual content such as images, web banners, animated graphics and video. We focus on Google Display ads and Youtube video marketing strategies Read more

Google Display Marketing

Google remarketing best practices

Google remarketing consists of targeting the people who have previously shown interest in your online products or services

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Display ads audience targeting techniques and strategies

Display ads help you to show your visual content to your targeted audience. It helps you to reach and brand your business products or services best on what people are looking on the internet. There what matters most is to target the right audience

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Internet Marketing

Bidding adjustment strategy on display ads

Display ads involve paying a certain amount of money to advertisers especially Google when people have viewed your ads on different online marketing channels and devices. It is important to adjust your display ads bidding for saving on your ads budget

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Social Media Marketing

CPM bidding for display ads CPC clicks

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille which means the cost of money the advertisers pay after thousand people have viewed your ads. So when among those thousand impressions some of the viewers will choose also to click to your display ads

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 Display Marketing

How to set up a Youtube video marketing ad campaign

Youtube video marketing targets the people who watch a youtube video. Here are steps to properly set your first video marketing campaign on youtube platform

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Display Ads

Display ads placement strategies

Display ad placements is an online marketing strategy that advertisers use for targeting particular websites, apps or devices that will display your visual content to the audience of the targeted internet platforms. It helps advertisers to target the bigger and right audience

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Social Media Display Marketing

Recommended GIF, banner and video size for display for Google display ads

Google display ads recommend the marketers to follow the required size of their visual content. Be it GIF, Banners and video. There are size limits that the advertisers have to follow to get their marketing approved by Google

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SEO Search Engine Marketing

Radius targeting on Google display ads

Radius targeting consists of targeting the audience of people who are in a particular determined or limited geo location in certain kilometers or miles near your business. It helps advertisers to reach and advertise their services in local areas

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YouTube Ads

Google display and Youtube video certifications questions and answers

We have combined some important questions and answers for Google display ads and Youtube video marketing to sharpen your visual content skills and knowledge

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