Digital Media Advertising consists of advertising your products or services through media. On this blog, we will emphasize especially on online digital media advertising and marketing and moreover we will deeply learn how to monetize your online newspaper, blog, classified or your website as long as your website has web traffics. We will insight the tools and strategies people use to make much money online via the power of the internet and technology.

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Media Planners and Media Buyers are important people for digital media services to their customers. They help digital media agencies to achieve their online digital advetsing goals. Media planners have responsibilities of planning and media buyers buy digital advertising spaces negotiated by a media planner. so the connection between both buyer and planner is tight so that sometimes a single person has both tasks.

We will describe the most popular applications and tools that are used for monetizing the world’s renowned websites. Therefore we will learn the best way of monetizing Google Adsense, the Dos, Donts of Google Adsense and Google ad exchange.

Online Digital Media nowadays use different methods and tools for monetizing their websites and platforms but we will also focus on the most and best popular programmatic ads tools and the best platforms and channels that pay well the online advertisers and website owners. You will learn how programmatic ads help the website, and bloggers to make money as long as they write the good and fresh content that attracts more web visitors.

People who are interested in Digital Media Advertising will also learn on this blog the power of content marketing, how content marketing can help the company to beat its competitors. You will learn how to create and publish the selling content online. You will understand the advantage and benefits behind digital content marketing and the power behind generating sales leads via content marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning money buying selling or promoting someone else’s products or services. Affiliate Marketing is the other concept we will see together in detail on this blog. We will learn how to make money or rewards through Affiliate marketing programs.

Media Buying is the other aspect that we will see together on this blog. You will learn how to benefits from paid media, and how to monetize your media space on your website or blog. You will understand the media buying process for generating leads and improving brand awareness to the targeted audience. We will write also on media buying services and agencies in general. Therefore we will help media buyers to understand how to select the best online media for their commercials or advertisement and the most useful tools for researching the best and top media houses.

SMS Marketing and Mobile Marketing will be another part of our Digital Marketing content and articles. We will assist you in selecting the best SMS Marketing platforms, the Mobile Marketing platforms, and the best tools to use for reaching more customers and bigger audiences. Keep in touch for our digital media advertising services