SEO in Dubai companies holds an integral part of the digital marketing services. A few years ago, many Dubai companies did not consider SEO strategies, but those have awakened. Thus, it has arisen a fierce SEO competition. Most of the businesses want to be among the top ten search engine results, which is impossible for thousands of organizations to fit the first page of Google as the most used search engine in the world.

The SEO competitions in Dubai industries have affected the online marketing strategies of different . All are racing to be on top of search engines from small, medium, and big companies. The companies now are investing heavily in Search Engine Optimization so that they can win the organic ranking competition.

SEO in Dubai Companies
SEO in Dubai Companies

SEO in Dubai

How is SEO in Dubai Industries?

The SEO Dubai industry is among the fast-growing fields. Many people in business and investors nowadays have an idea of what an SEO is and the benefits of having a good SEO compared to a few years ago when they did not know what was behind search engine ranking factors.

SEO Career in Dubai has two entities specializing in SEO services; the first is SEO Agencies, and the second is SEO Experts providing search engine solutions.

SEO Services in Dubai

You can expect the full SEO package that will increase your web traffics if you appoint carefully your next SEO Services provider. Dubai has many companies and Specialists that can transform your business traffics. If you want to increase, for instance, your sales leads, you have to search for a good company or Consultant that will take care of your firm. Picking a good a professional and experienced SEO provider will increase your business profit, and it will save you the money you spend needlessly on traditional marketing strategies.

The Dubai SEO professionals and Agencies offer standard SEO services, on-page, off-page, content strategies, and backlinks.

SEO Dubai Benefits

Many firms in these modern days where many activities rely on technology have learned or heard the importance of having SEO. There are many benefits of standing on the top of your competitors with the power of organic search engine optimization.

Here are some of the main benefits of having good SEO in Dubai or elsewhere in the world

  • Free web traffics
  • Free sales leads
  • Free brand promotions
  • Free backlinks
  • Increase in physical store visits
  • Money-saving
  • Boost your customers’ trust

SEO Agencies in Dubai

New SEO Agencies in Dubai are formed every year because there is a potential in this city’s SEO field.

There are many companies that specialize in SEO fields. To choose the one to hire sometimes seem finicky. I will give you tips on hiring your next SEO Agency in Dubai. The first thing to start with is Googling "SEO Agency in Dubai," then dig the top displayed results. Still, this technique is not fair enough because if there is a better agency but newly formed, it will not appear in the top search results of Google. So using this technique works mostly for the SEO Companies that have websites and keywords that created for a period above six months. So the age and strategies of the SEO Agency could affect its search results.

Hiring an SEO Agency in Dubai

There are a plethora of SEO Agencies in Dubai, choosing the one to hire may seem tricky. One tip I can give you is to use giant search engines such as Google and Bing to find the ones that are on the top of the other in your search results.

When can you hire an SEO Agency without considering its search results? The advice I give you first if the SEO Company is new means that it is probably below one year old and has a team of highly qualified SEO specialists with a good portfolio of the previous SEO works. So, in this case, you can expect that they can boost your keywords search ranking.

The last tip that can help you hire the right SEO Agency is to pick the one with the highest ranking in the Google ads display panel. Most of those Agencies that rely on paid ads are new on the market, and they want to drive traffics to boost their SEO. So if a company has experienced SEO specialists, it deserves a chance too.

SEO Experts in Dubai

Dubai SEO Experts are among the best in the world of the digital marketing industry.

Many Search Engine Specialists work in three different ways; firstly, some Consultants work in Marketing or Advertising Agencies. Secondly, some experts work full-time as SEO Freelancers. Third, there are other SEO professionals hired as in-house employees in different business industries.

Many of Dubai SEO Experts are multi-talented individuals who can excel in more than one field. So do not shy away to ask an SEO Specialist what other skills he possesses. It might surprise how flexible he could be.

The top SEO Experts in Dubai with a perfect English portfolio and coding skills earn a higher salary than those who do not possess programming skills. We will discuss SEO Experts salary later in this article.

How to hire an SEO Expert in Dubai

Many people call themselves SEO Gurus, the best, top, or other praises to entitle their SEO prowess. Do not be distracted by fancy CV or a good education background because SEO is a practical and passionate career that needs dedication and time. A trick that will help you find a skillful SEO expert in UAE; first, you can Google, for instance, "SEO Expert in Dubai," but the drawbacks of this strategy are that most of the people who appear in the top results work for other companies. The second strategy is to post a job on Dubai's most famous vertical job portals with your preferred SEO Job descriptions. The last tip is to recruit someone who has previous proven SEO results and has a passion for the SEO field.

Lastly, it will depend on your budget. If your SEO Job description requirements, you mentioned a high salary, it may increase the chances of recruiting the top talents. Still, if the wage and allowance posted in your vacancy are not good enough, you may likely not attract Dubai most SEO Geniuses.

SEO Freelancers in Dubai

You can find many successful SEO Freelancers in Dubai who can drive traffics to your website with ethical Search engine best practices.
Such SEO Consultants have registered their search engine services as full-time freelancers. So you have to check their availability and portfolio before signing their SEO Services agreements.

Tips for hiring an SEO Freelancer in Dubai is to use Google search box as their services are related to search engines. For example type "SEO Freelancer in Dubai," then you can check the SEO Portfolios with their past top ranking keywords and websites.

SEO Price in Dubai

The cost of SEO in Dubai differ. Many factors may affect your SEO bills in Dubai. You can find here the main factors that may alter your SEO Price; the size of your website, your business industry, your competitors, and SEO Providers.

Let us look at how Dubai SEO packages would be calculated based on the factors I have mentioned; if you have a large website with fierce competition and you want to rank for many of your business keywords on the first top page of Google. In this scenario, an SEO services provider will charge you more than a small website of a company that does not have stiff competition.

How much does SEO Services Cost in Dubai

My answer is; it depends, but I will try to give you some amount you can expect to spend on SEO Services in Dubai.

Most of the time, the amount you can pay for professional SEO Services in this beautiful city of UAE is between 1 000 and 15 000 AED per month. The SEO providers in Dubai may charge different prices depending on the factors we mentioned earlier.

Dubai Agencies, Experts, and employees may cost you differently. So plan your SEO budget and research well the search engine servicer who can assist you in winning the competition according to your pocket.

SEO Plans in Dubai

Most of the SEO Plans in Dubai have two things in common; on-page and off-page SEO. Some Consultants and Agencies have fixed SEO Plans regardless of the type of customers requesting their services. On the other hand, other SEO providers offer different plans depending on the budget you have; in this case, you will expect to have choices such as basics, gold, and premium SEO plans. The companies or individuals who offer different SEO pricing based on the methods you chose; their charging factors will be calculated based on the number of quality of backlinks, content, and technical SEO your website needs.

SEO plans available

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Content required
  • Quality of backlinks
  • Technical SEO needed

Therefore even though SEO Services in Dubai have specific details regarding their plans, but I assure you that their solutions will fall under the above process we mentioned.

SEO Backlinks Services in Dubai

High-quality backlinks are among the main factors of search engine ranking factors. Creating good backlinks in Dubai or any part of the world that can boost your search terms ranking. Remember that building crucial backlinks is the hardest part of Search Engine Optimization steps.

How to get backlinks in Dubai

To acquire backlinks in Dubai is not difficult, but building the critical backlinks that increase your keywords ranking is the most important for your website and business. Creating your first backlink could start with local directories; you can google about them because they are many. Some Dubai business directories are free, and others are paid. The other strategies you can use to get backlinks are approaching Dubai bloggers and UAE news websites that belong to your niches.

The last advice for getting crucial backlinks in Dubai is not to create backlinks on websites with Domain Authority below fifteen rates. Focus on do-follow backlinks of your business industry that have at least above 15 Domain rating, especially if you are going to create backlinks for the first time.

SEO Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most attractive and visited cities in the world. Apart from tourism, it is financially a city that captivates many business moguls, which makes it a business-friendly hub for exporting goods from various parts of the world, so these facts influence the size of the Dubai SEO job market.

Every day, recruiting companies publish SEO Jobs on their website or on the most popular job portals of Dubai. The demand for SEO skills in Dubai is high, especially in marketing and advertising related positions.

How to find SEO Jobs in Dubai

They call this beautiful place the city of opportunities, so finding an SEO job in Dubai is not a secret for someone who knows already how to get the best search engines. The answer is simple: Google "SEO Jobs in Dubai" and see what comes up to your screen.

The news I have for you is that if you want to pursue SEO Career in Dubai, the top recruiting websites are the ones that appear on the top search engine results. The one remaining secrets I can reveal to you for landing your Search engine Job in Dubai is that that most of recruiting job portals have the user-friendly Mobile Apps you can install instead of using their websites. Good luck then! And don’t forget to wave at me after signing your contract.

SEO Salary in Dubai

SEO Salary may vary depending on your SEO skills and your employer, but the average SEO salary in Dubai per a study published by the PayScale is "45 0000 AED per year", which is 3 750 AED per month. The highly qualified SEO Experts earns "104 988 AED per year," which is 8 749 AED per month.

How to get SEO Customers in Dubai

To target your first SEO customers in Dubai is ticklish if you are new in the SEO game. If you don't have a telemarketer or don't want to spend money on transportation by visiting every company, I will give you tips that can help you find the customers who likely need your SEO Services.

The most affordable technique that will simplify your first SEO deal is to use Dubai business directories and classifieds websites. As an SEO Expert, check whether these companies have optimized their keywords. Gather all the business data you found that need SEO, then try to reach them out.

SEO Guest posting in Dubai

There are not many websites that offer Guest posting services in Dubai.

The best way to find Dubai blogs or websites that offer guest posting opportunities is to Google them and pick the one with competent domain authority. The one trick I used is typing "Dubai Guest Post website," fortunately there are some websites that accept guest posting with certain conditions to follow.

The advice for picking your potential next guest posting site is to look for the one related to your business niches with a Domain rate probably not below fifteen.


SEO in Dubai is a competitive and highly growing marketing strategy in all business sectors. The research revealed by the World Economic Forum shows that search engine Jobs are among the most wanted job markets. So Dubai companies are among the ones that are implanting SEO technologies to boost their products and services locally and internationally.

The big, medium and small companies that want to stay ahead of their competitors have to keep on optimizing and auditing their SEO strategies with high-quality backlinks with optimized content.


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