What is PPC

PPC is an abbreviation used in digital advertising, which is Pay Per Click. It is an online marketing technique that helps advertisers to set up some money to pay on advertising companies accounts each time a prospect user clicks on their web links.

Three types of PPC

  • Search Engine PPC; Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc
  • Social Media PPC; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • Partners PPC; third party or individual publishers can offer these services as clickable content

During Pay Per Click campaigns, advertisers pay an organization or a publisher once his hyperlink or banner clicks and directs the user to the advertisers' website.

How to become a PPC Expert

Who is a PPC Expert

A PPC Expert is an outstanding digital marketing professional who specializes in managing and improving the daily activities of Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.

What does a PPC Expert do

Briefly, a PPC Expert manages online clickable web link campaigns and accounts.

The responsibilities of a PPC Manager may vary depending on the company. Still, generally, I will elaborate on the duties and skills than most Pay Per Click Specialists share in common.

This is a list of the Skills and responsibilities of the PPC Experts.

PPC Expert Skills and Responsibilities

These are the vital skills and duties every PPC professional who wants to excel has to acquire

  • Create and edit advertising accounts
  • Write ad copies
  • Set up marketing budgets
  • Keyword research
  • Competitors analysis
  • Performance analytics
  • Creating ad reports
  • Testing ad performances
  • Designing banners
  • Landing pages design
  • Writing codes
  • Managing CRM
  • SEO

How to become a PPC Expert

To become a PPC Expert, you have to know that Pay Per Click is divided into two parts; one is a non-technical part, and the second is a technical part.

Here are the non-technical skills you have to possess to become one of the best PPC Experts

  • Copy Writing
  • Budget setting
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Performance Analytics
  • Ad testing
  • Creativity
  • Customer Oriented
  • CRO
  • ROI optimization
  • Conversion funnel
  • PPC Metrics
  • Updated learner
  • Click frauds prevention
  • Certifications

Here are the technical skills you have to learn

  • Programming
  • Design landing pages
  • Banner design
  • CRM management
  • Excel spreadsheets savvy

These are the details on the skills and responsibilities of the daily job of a PPC Specialist.

Creating and Edit advertising accounts

A PPC Expert has to create advertising accounts once before starting the Pay Per Click campaigns.

A PPC Specialist has to review whether the settings of the existing advertising accounts are set properly. He has to choose an email address to link with all his accounts and marketing tools so that he can easily collect and track the data.

Copy Writing

Copywriting is the main skill and responsibility of any PPC Expert. He has to research the key content that has to convey his ad campaign messages.

Writing ad copy for PPC requires knowing how to write short and concise marketing information because Pay Per Click spaces are tiny, and you will not have enough room for writing detailed information.

The PPC Experts have to test and edit their ads to make sure that they meet advertising guidelines and are capable of improving the company's performance and profits.

Set up ad budget

PPC Experts have to prepare the marketing campaign budget.

There are different amounts to spend on each marketing campaign.

Here are types of the amount to think about during your PPC campaigns set up

  • Overall campaign budget
  • Ad group budget
  • Keywords bid
  • Daily budget

Keyword Research

PPC Experts have to know the keywords that drive traffic and sales to their industry and business.

Pay Per Click managers have to list the keywords that the prospective customers may type to reach their websites. It is better to create a database or an excel sheet that contains the key terms they need during their PPC campaigns.

Competitors Analysis

Analyzing your competitions helps PPC Experts to learn the strength and strategies of their stiff competitors.

PPC specialists have to spy and track the campaigns and copies that allow their competitors to get the traffics.

Performance Analytics

A PPC Expert has to connect all the metric tools that will help him to analyze his Ad performance. He has to become a good analyst capable of understanding the daily and overall performance of his Pay Per Click campaigns.

There are different analytics tools that you can combine to have a detailed analysis of your PPC marketing. Some of these tools are built-in, and others are the third party that you can connect with your advertising account, which allows you to measure the metrics of your campaign performance.

The most useful free useful tools are Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, which can be used for digital marketing performance.

Creating PPC Reports

Every PPC Expert has to create performance reports. These reports have to cover all information of his ad campaigns so that anyone can easily understand what is going on.

PPC campaign reports focus on the major metrics that allow your business to prosper. The data collected in those reports help the company to make new decisions either on the marketing or investment plans.

Testing ad performance

PPC Experts have to test different versions of their ads and landing pages. These include A/B testing and different copies of their Pay Per Click campaigns.

PPC Experts should compare all the versions of their edited copies and follow up on the performance and each one so that he can focus on the copies that are bringing many traffics and conversions.

Designing Banners

Banner design is not always in the responsibilities of a PPC manager, but in some companies where they don't have graphic designers, he has to take these responsibilities.

He can design banners for social media posts or search engine display Ads or remarketing. It is advised to learn designing tools such as Photoshop, or if you are new to design, you can start with easy drag and drop tools such as Canva, etc.

Design Landing Pages

In some companies where you have a team of web developers and designers, you may not need to design landing pages, but in some cases where you don't have any of them to assist you. So you have to do it yourself.

Many CRM tools come with web page templates that you can edit. But it is better to learn HTML and CSS so that you can design your landing page.

Writing programming codes

All PPC Experts are not web programmers as coding is not always among their responsibilities, but to be complete and among the best on the job market, you have to know some programming languages that might help you to stay on the top.

The most useful programming languages for any PPC Expert are JavaScript and PHP. I didn't want to mention HTML and CSS, as they are mostly used for designing web pages and CRM.

In your PPC career, you will occasionally face some challenges that require either to update JavaScript or PHP codes to perform certain digital marketing tasks.

Mostly you will need JavaScript for tracking custom events of a web page during your PPC campaigns. PHP will help you in case you need to perform server-side codes such as connecting your web pages data with a database.

CRM Management

CRM software helps PPC Experts to manage new leads and existing customers. It is a tool that helps a lot during digital marketing campaigns.

A PPC Specialist has every day to keep an eye on CRM to track and follow-up on performance and conversions of his marketing campaigns and goals.

However, in some big companies, they prefer to hire an employee responsible for Customer Relation Management Software popularly known as CRM Manager. In this case, a PPC Expert has to work closely with a person responsible for CRM activities.


SEO is of Search Engine Optimization. It deals with increasing organic web traffics and ranking.

Even though most companies prefer to hire an SEO Consultant, but it is beneficial for PPC Experts to understand how organic search engine marketing works because a good SEO on any landing page improves the quality score during paid campaigns.

Having a good SEO saves you a lot of money because it wins you a high-quality score, which allows you to pay less on your CPC keywords compared to your competitors who don't have good SEO strategies.


Conversion Rate Optimization is the main goal of any PPC Expert. You spend money on your keywords, so you have to find the best strategies that help you to convert the people who click your advertisements.

A PPC Expert has to boost the number of qualified leads that take important actions on each campaign. A good Pay Per Click Professional is the one who increases the number of conversions.

All PPC Experts have to track and measure the daily performance of their CRO. Thus, this helps to know which ad campaign is bringing many conversions and business profits.


Return On Investment is the business ratio that measures the money back after spending your budget in certain PPC advertising campaigns. A PPC Expert always has to calculate and evaluate the ROI.

Optimizing the ROI save the money you spend on keywords CPC and ad groups. You have to do whatever you can to earn a high ROI on each ad spend.

The ROI formula

ROI= ((Revenue-Cost)/Cost) X 100


CTR is Click Through Rate. It is a ratio that shows how the number of people who viewed your Ad campaigns compared to the one who clicked on your ads.

A PPC Expert has to create the relevant ad content so that he can increase the number of people who prefer to click the advert.

The CTR Formula

CTR= (clicks/impressions) X 100

Conversion Funnel

A conversion funnel is a digital analytics process that reveals the customer journey from the beginning until he takes an important action on your website.

A PPC Expert has to know how the customers interact with his website and where they come from. This includes the source of the customers, the first page they visit, and how they exit from the website.


A PPC Specialist has to be creative in his content, especially copies and designs. He has to think out of the box and come up with new ideas that increase customers' engagement and web traffics.


A PPC Professional has to think like his customers. He has to think and put himself in the shoes of the users who are searching for his products and services.

The PPC Experts have to know what their prospects and existing customers want. It is good to understand your audience and what to do to increase your advertising audience.

All Pay Per Click strategies focus on winning customers' trust. Therefore it is better to research your customers so that you can serve them better.

Click Frauds prevention

Click frauds are the number of automated malicious ad clicks that may happen during your PPC campaigns.

The click frauds are bad for advertisers because they consume their marketing budgets, which results in paying additional money that never serves them any profit.

Black hackers create robots that behave like humans, which negatively affects your marketing campaigns. Even though some Search Engine companies still prevent the click frauds.

A good PPC Expert has to keep an eye on clicks he receives, and if necessary, you can use click frauds prevention tools to avoid any bad clicks that may occur.

Updated learner

A PPC professional has to keep on learning new strategies, trends, recent PPC technologies, and tools. PPPC Marketing changes quite often, so you are advised to stay always updated with new articles and blogs.

Excel Spreadsheets

To simply the PPC Job, you have to master Excel spreadsheet software because you will need it to use it while performing many automated tasks. PPC tasks involve Excel sheets, for instance, for retrieving, exporting, and importing data, etc.

PPC Metrics

The PPC Experts have to understand the most important metrics of their digital marketing campaigns. They have to understand the improvements and performance of each metric.

Here the important PPC metrics

  • CTR; Click-Through Rate
  • CPC; Cost Per Click
  • ROAS; Return On Ad Spend

PPC Certifications

To become the top PPC Expert, you need to earn the most renowned PPC certificates. To excel and stand out from crowds, you have to join some digital marketing institutes that offer the worldwide recognized certificates that can prove your PPC skills.

There are two types of PPC Certifications.

  • Independent PPC certifications; these certificates are offered by independent training institutions and training centers.
  • Organizational PPC Certifications; such certificates are offered by these corporations that provide advertising services. For instance, Google and Facebook offer different digital marketing certificates.

You want to become a highly qualified PPC Expert right. You need to take some courses so that you can pass the exams that allow you to earn the top certificates, which prove that you are capable of managing complex PPC campaigns.

For instance, many centers train the future PPC Experts in Dubai. So you can research and join one of the local digital marketing institutions

Learn PPC Tools

There are many tools and software that manage PPC campaigns. We will discuss them deeply in our article, which will cover this topic in detail.

So it is good to master some of the best PPC tools that could save your time and your money as well.

Master a single PPC network

There are different types of PPC networks, such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, etc.

It is recommended to focus on one PPC network, either for search engines or social media platforms. But if you are smart enough, you can try to master the most useful PPC networks.

SEM Experts vs. PPC Experts

The difference between PPC Expert and SEM Expert is that Pay Per Click focuses on all types of PPC in general, be it search engine or social media whereas; SEM or Search Engine Marketing deals only with Search Engine campaigns.

Job titles of PPC Experts

There are different job titles given to PPC Experts, depending on their responsibilities.

Here is the title related to PPC jobs and responsibilities

  • PPC Managers
  • PPC Executives
  • PPC Analysts
  • PPC Account Managers
  • PPC Account Executives


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