Finding an SEO Agency that can put your important company’s keywords on the first row of the first page of the major search engines such as Google is the right step to succeeding in your business industry.

What is an SEO Agency

An SEO Agency is an online advertising company that provides organic SEO Services. Therefore many SEO Agency offers other non-organic search engine marketing services such as PPC Services and social media marketing or full digital marketing services.

The common SEO Services offered by most SEO Agencies

SEO Agencies that provides SEO Services mostly are grouped into the following categories

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Backlink Services

On-Page SEO Services

Most of the SEO Agencies provide on-page SEO Services, be it for customers with new websites and domain names or old web content with old domain names. On-page SEO is the critical phase of search engine optimization because your keywords ranking will have a big connection and impact on how you improved on-page SEO strategies.

In short on-page SEO is an SEO technique that focuses on optimizing the internal coding part of your web pages. The common on-page SEO Services include your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, heading H1 to H6, and your website keywords and all forms of content such as images.

SEO Agency

Off-page SEO Services

There are few SEO Agencies that provide only off-page SEO Services in some developed countries even though it is rare to find such SEO companies that do not combine multiple digital marketing services.

The main objective of off-page SEO is to link your company's website content and web pages to other websites that will boost your ranking and web traffics.

The main thing that involves in off-page SEO Services is mostly creating relevant backlinks. Backlinks have two major contributions to your off-page SEO strategies; which are do-follow backlinks and non-follow backlinks.

The do-follow backlinks are the most important because they help your website get better keywords ranking and web traffic referrals. On the other hand, the non-follow backlinks are web links that do not help much in keyword ranking but may help you get organic web referral traffics in case you link your web pages to other websites that have high web traffics and visits.

Even though on-page SEO is the one that has the most powerful impact on your SEO strategies, the off-page SEO done properly will help you to outrank even big competitors on keywords with high search volume. So off-page SEO is still one of the main factors of major search engine ranking factors.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO consists of optimizing your website ranking by improving the technical side of your web content.

Technical SEO includes coding, programming, designing, and technical SEO tools that help you improve your whole web content technically. Some of technical part of your website includes HTML, CSS, PHP, CMS like WordPress and automatic tasks with programming languages such as Python.

The main components of Technical SEO services are
  • Website speed
  • Robots txt
  • XML sitemap
  • Structured markup schema
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • URL
  • Href Lang
  • Canonical
  • 404 Error Page
  • 301 Redirect

Website Speed

Website speed consists of decreasing the loading time of your website. There are different ways of speeding your website depending on the technology behind your web platform. If you use CMS like WordPress you have to download caching plugins that store user’s content each time a user visits your website in order to avoid reloading all your website files each time you got an existing web visitor revisits your website.

An SEO developer who uses pure coding without any CMS has to use htaccess files to cache the web files such as images, and every other file format so that they will not reload each time the same user visits the website.

Therefore you have to minify the size of your file formats and extensions such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images, to make it easy you can implement online web file minifying tools.

Website loading speed is one of the main facts of SEO ranking. So an SEO Agency has to decrease the loading time and speed of their website customers at least on the speed between 1 to 2 seconds.

Robots txt File

Robots txt file helps you control how the robots and search engines see and index your web page content. Moreover, Robots text tells the search engines what they have to crawl and what they do not have to crawl or index in search engine results.

To get the best of the Robots.txt file, you have to avoid making any mistakes because it can also ruin your website ranking. A good SEO Agency is one that creates carefully the powerful robots txt files to improve their customer’s website ranking.

XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap is a crucial SEO file that shows search engines the technical structure of your website files which makes it easy for search engines to rank your web files.

Sitemaps are created using XML schema markup language. Using XML sitemaps help you to rank higher compared to other websites that do not use XML sitemap properly.

Structured Schema Markup

Structured schema markup is an advanced technical SEO step every good SEO Agency must provide on their customers' websites to stand out in search engine results.

Structured schema markup is among the top SEO techniques that display your web results differently compared to other websites that do not mind applying structured data languages.


JavaScript is a client-side web programming language that you need to implement properly in order to get a good SEO ranking. To get JavaScript SEO best practices, you have to combine your JavaScript files and not create unnecessary files and functions. Therefore you have to minify your JavaScript file codes.


HTML is the backbone of every website’s codes. So to get good SEO results, you have to create a good and standard HMTL structure by following the valid HTML tagging rules.

An SEO Consultant has to check whether the customers’ website follows the correct HTML hierarchy. SEO Agencies have to hire SEO specialists that have at least basics knowledge of HTML tags. To understand and use the latest HTML tags and stay away from old HTML structure so that can get the best SEO results.


CSS is a cascading style sheets language used to design web pages. To get the best SEO you have to implement your CSS structure properly by minimizing the number of CSS files you use on your website.

An SEO agency has to combine different tools to test its CSS files. Therefore they have to minify the CSS codes as much as they can.

URL Name

URL means Uniform Resource Locator; it is a web link names you give to your web pages. An SEO specialist has to give his web pages meaningful names that are SEO friendly for every page of his website.

Giving a random URL name to your web pages may affect your SEO results and even indexing as well. So always match your content with the name you give to your web links.

Href Lang

Href Lang is an HTML attribute that tells search engines the human language your website is using in order to get people who type search queries that match your web page's language.

SEO Agencies have to optimize each web version and language with this Href Lang attribute to get each language's keywords ranking higher in SERP.

Canonical attributes

Canonical or Canonicalization is an HTML SEO attribute that differentiates the content of each page of your website and tells the search engine that certain content was copied on certain web pages of your website or other pages.

To optimize your website for a better keyword ranking you need to put an HTML Canonical attribute on each web page that has unique content or that has copied content so that you will use canonical to tell the search engine the source of your website content.

404 Error Page

404 Error page can affect your website keywords ranking once you did not optimize it properly. So an SEO Specialist has to customize the content of the 404 error page by redirecting your user to the right page whenever a user did not find exactly the page he wanted or the link is broken.

301 redirect

301 redirect is the SEO technique that tells search engines that a URL link has permanently moved to another location.

Using 301 redirect helps you to get the best SEO results on new and old web pages. So whenever you want also to combine certain web traffics on a single web page you have to use 301 redirect to avoid any redirect chain that may slow down or affect your SEO results.

Local SEO Services

SEO companies often offer local SEO Services to local and international customers that want to dominate main business keywords especially on local markets and businesses in certain cities or countries.

Any SEO company in Dubai for example will help you get all the local keywords with high search volumes you need to outrank your regional competitors. Even an SEO agency in UAE may offer local SEO services with some international SEO solutions as well depending on what you want from them.

Backlinks Services and Links building

Backlinks also called link-building services are other main ranking factors that SEO Agencies offer to their customers. It is hard to rank on the first page on very competitive keywords without creating backlinks on other high domain authority websites that share the same similar business industry and content.

Most SEO Companies have an independent department that has qualified SEO link-building experts to research and create relevant backlinks on the customers’ website.

Portfolio Case Studies

An experienced SEO Agency publishes their past SEO portfolio with a particular case study on their website in order to show the potential customers how they have handled their SEO projects successfully.

To know the strength of an SEO Agency you have to research their portfolio and SEO case study and the results they have achieved with their case studies.

For instance, in the UAE business industry, you will find an SEO company in Dubai that serves local customers by showing the website keywords they have ranked on the first page of Google. It is good to double-check by Google to verify those keywords ranking so that you can trust their SEO works before hiring them.


Every SEO Agency proudly puts testimonials of satisfied customers on the front page of their website. So before hiring your next search engine optimization company to handle your SEO you have to check whether their testimonial is real and genuine.


SEO Customer reviews can reveal important images and the culture of any digital marketing Agency. Before hiring an SEO company check their online reviews even negative ones. A strong SEO firm is always proud and wishes to show off its prospective customers' positive reviews.

There are important SEO reviews to look for when hiring an SEO Agency in Dubai for instance, such as Google Map reviews also called Google My Business. Keep in mind that GMB reviews are crucial and can reveal the identity of any SEO provider.

Getting many positive reviews that are unique with your main business keywords helps you to get a better ranking especially on those keywords that were included in your Google My Business Reviews.

Finding an SEO Agency in Dubai

Hiring the right SEO Agency in Dubai is tricky if you do not know much about search engine optimization procedures and the different secrets and technology behind them.

There are few steps you can take to hire the best SEO Agency in Dubai, and UAE in general. The following tips will help you to find the best SEO Company to increase your web traffics, sales, and revenue.

  • Use the Google website search box and type "SEO Agency in Dubai" or "SEO Agency in UAE" and then check the first top websites that appear on the first top of Google Results. Therefore you can thoroughly check them and decide which SEO Company is suitable base on your business industry.
  • Check SEO Company’s customers’ reviews on Google Map known as Google My Business to learn more about the company and the way their real customers react after their SEO Services.
  • Check their SEO price to know whether you can afford the services they offer depending on your SEO budget.
  • Check their main SEO specialty and industry to see whether they match with your current industry because most of the SEO agencies are strong in a certain industry and they focus mostly on specific niches even though they can handle any type of business niche.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best SEO Agency that is loyal and transparent will drastically boost your business. Even though some big and experienced SEO companies may charge a lot of money, you have to think about the benefits of organic leads that will come with your keywords ranking with unlimited clicks and referral traffics.

It is always important to keep on checking your main keywords ranking and advise your hired SEO company to upgrade your ranking whenever you find any ranking drop in your existing important keywords.


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