Hiring an SEO Freelancer is the best decision you can make to start driving organic web traffics and sales leads to your business whether you offer services or products do not hesitate to think about how you can compete especially with your stiff competitors who are heavily investing in major search engines.

Hiring an SEO Freelancer is easy when you know what you want to achieve regardless of your technical skills, the most important thing is to know and to be able to clarify to your next SEO expert what you want to achieve.

What is SEO and how it works

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization which are the steps and techniques combined to rank a website's keywords on major search engines organically.

An SEO Expert uses his technical and verbal web technological skills to show and explain the importance and the structure of your website to search engines so that they can organically index and crawl your webpages in top results.

Who is An SEO Freelancer

An SEO Freelancer a single individual professional who provides organic SEO Services independently without involving a third-party organization or person such as an SEO Agency or a Company, Consultants, Experts, Specialists to help him finishing an SEO Project.

Freelancer SEO Services

Like an SEO Agency that is always composed of a big team of professionals that work on your project to provide the SERPs you want. Freelancer SEO Services depend on the status of your website, and the length. The time it may take to earn you a good ranking will depend on the size and industry of your website keywords.

Most SEO Freelancers offer the full page of SEO Services be it on page, off page, technical and international SEO regardless of the age of your website and domain name, whether it is an old or new website content and web pages.

SEO Services List

The main and most common SEO Services offered by many of the individual SEO Specialists are

  • Keyword research
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Content Creation and optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Backlinks
  • Web Speed optimization
  • Images SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO

To sum up, these SEO Services offered by Freelancing professionals, it is that are all grouped into two parts; one is on page SEO and off page SEO.

How to find the best SEO Freelancer

Finding the best SEO Freelancer is the most crucial step to get you the higher search engine ranking results. So it is easy to find a highly qualified SEO Specialist if you know exactly what you want to achieve with your business and your company.

Following these steps will help you to easily locate and find the right SEO Freelancer to skyrocket your business keywords and online traffics. The following resources will help you recruit a good SEO Freelancer

  • Google
  • Job Websites
  • Social Media
SEO Freelancer


Google is the most popular search engine website in the world that most SEO Freelancers target to get many of their international and local clients.

The SEO Specialists use Google to get them organic traffics using keywords that their potential SEO customers may type for searching the SEO Services offered by Search Engine Experts. So Google.com website is the best place and number one platform that you can use to recruit your future SEO Freelancer.

For instance, to target Freelancers in our area you can use your city or your country name and select the top SEO Provider who comes on top of search results. For example, you can type SEO Freelancer in Dubai and contact the top website run by independent SEO Professionals.

Job Websites

Job websites can help you get the right professional SEO Consultant to take over your SEO Project.

There are two different job websites you can target to find the best SEO Freelancers

  • Freelancer job websites
  • Vertical Job websites

Freelancer Job Websites

Many Freelancer websites have a lot of qualified SEO Experts that are ready to revamp your website ranking.

You can google and select a top freelancer website or you can also target job boards in your area for instance if you are in Dubai or UAE in general you can try both local and international freelancer websites.

The Freelancer websites are divided into local and international websites that have a database of real SEO Specialists registered so that you can contact them immediately to start working on your SEO web project.

Local Freelancer websites

Local Freelancer Job sites serve local business that wants to hire regional SEO Freelancers who are located in certain cities or countries. Those local job websites match local companies with qualified local SEO specialists who are ready to provide SEO Services.

In most cases, those websites accept payments in local currency and moreover you can meet face to face with the person who is optimizing your websites.

For instance, in Dubai and UAE, there are the best freelancer websites you can register your details in order to find and select an SEO Freelancer for your business.

International Freelancer websites

International Freelancer websites help you hire SEO Freelancers in any location of the world. Most of these job platforms are selective and have really qualified SEO Experts who can provide the best SEO services.

Some global Freelancer job sites have freemium versions with limited access while other charge monthly fees to their registered freelancers and hiring professionals who want to contact or select their talented SEO Experts.

Vertical Job Websites

There are many vertical Job Websites almost in every country that allow employers to post their SEO Jobs for freelancers so as an employer you have to register on general vertical job websites and filters your job description and mention that you need to hire an SEO freelancer.

There are also local and international vertical job sites it is your choice to select the websites that have a good reputation with many positive reviews and publish your SEO Vacancies and wait for some time to select the best SEO candidate.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms are becoming more useful when it comes to job search and recruiting SEO Freelancers.

Many SEO Freelancers have personal accounts on more than one Social Media Channel, so you can target any social media Groups or Pages so that you can post or contact individually the people who are highly qualified in SEO Field.

The most famous social media channels to find the best SEO Experts who offer reputable Services individually are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So you can post your SEO Job descriptions and your expectations then later you can thoroughly select one of the SEO Freelancers who matches your criteria.

What an SEO Freelancer do

An SEO Freelancer is an independent person who helps businesses' websites and keywords to rank higher especially on the very top of the first page of the major search engine results.

The major international search engines that most SEO Specialists target are Google-owned by Alphabet Inc., Bing from Microsoft Inc, Yahoo from Version Inc., and other search engines that are used in particular regions such as Baidu in China and Yandex in Russian speaking countries.

The responsibilities of an SEO Freelancer may vary depending on the status and type of a website but the common SEO Duties are on page, off page, local, international and technical SEO Services.

How much does an SEO Freelancer charges

Even though SEO Services most professionals offer are similar but the price every Freelancer charges depends on his skills, project size, and his location.

There are two types of SEO Freelancers as we have mentioned; one is someone who provides SEO Solutions for local companies and the one who offers SEO Services to international companies.

Let take an example of an SEO Freelancer in UAE and the cost of an international SEO Specialist who works with big multinational and global companies.

Dubai SEO Freelancer Cost

The price of SEO Services in Dubai depends on SEO Freelancer experience and skills, but the industry and the size of your project can influence the amount he may charge you hourly or monthly.

For example, the price from an SEO Freelancer in Dubai and UAE per month is between 1500 AED to 30 000 AED. Remember that some SEO Consultants may charge you also per hour which will be between 100 AED to 1000 AED per hour.

International SEO Freelancer Cost

A recognized International SEO Freelancer may charge you hourly or per month. Every SEO Specialist has different pricing strategies but the SEO cost for most of them comes with different factors such as your website status, its size, and your industry as well.

The cost of the SEO Services from a renowned SEO freelancer is between 100 $ to 150 $ per hour, and the price per month is between 1 000 $ TO 1 5000 $ per month.

How to become an SEO Freelancer

To become an SEO Freelancer requires learning all the tricks and secrets behind web development and content optimization then later you can learn the technology behind the major search engines.

The common SEO skills that will help you become an avid SEO Freelancer are web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP then later you have to learn content creation and search engine technologies and techniques they use to crawl and rank websites on top of the search results.

SEO is composed of two parts one is technical which focuses on web Development or Design and the other is a theoretical part that focuses mostly on Web Content Optimization. So to become a qualified SEO Freelancer you have to mast both sides of Search Engines Optimization.

The rest after mastering SEO you have to create a funnel that you can use to show off your SEO Mastery such as a personal website or a blog and then later you can target the customers that you want to offer your full SEO Services package.

Benefits of hiring a qualified SEO Freelancer

There are many benefits of hiring an excellent SEO Freelancer to boost your business keywords ranking and to improve your company’s brand awareness and the services or products you offer.

There are four main benefits you can expect from an SEO Freelancer

  • The Low cost of SEO Services
  • Less time spend on SEO Project
  • Guaranteed SEO Results
  • SEO Specialist availability

Low cost of SEO Services

Hiring an SEO Freelancer decreases the cost of your SEO Services because they are flexible and can provide their SEO Solutions anytime and anywhere. This flexibility reduces the expenses especially on house rent, additionally, an SEO Freelancer can handle your project alone without involving third-party supporting teams or companies.

All these opportunities an SEO Freelancer has allows him to charge less amount than an SEO Agency that hires a team of SEO Experts to work on your website which means that a team of people have to share the profit which may result in increasing their SEO Price.

Less time spend on SEO Project

One of the benefits of hiring an SEO Freelancer is that he focuses solely on your project which results in finishing and getting you Results faster because as an SEO individual it is easy to track the performance of your keywords from the beginning until you reach the results you were expecting.

In most cases, SEO Freelancers get you the best SEO ranking in less than a period you had already set due to their focuses and easy way of communicating with them.

Guaranteed SEO Results

Selecting carefully the right SEO Freelancer ensures you get or exceed the expected SEO Results. It is always advised to know how to choose the best and know your expectations even though many SEO professionals will guide you to achieve your SEO goals.

Every qualified SEO Freelancer makes whatever effort required to go beyond your expectations even if your website has a competitive industry with fierce competitors. So your first goal is to choose the right SEO Expert who can help you to outrank them even in a very short period.

The reason why you get the best SEO ranking while hiring a skillful SEO Freelancer is that you have individually to deal with a single person and you know exactly the person who is working on your keywords and who to contact in case you need information or to ask about any single detail.

SEO Freelancers are available and Accessible

The advantage of dealing with an SEO Freelancer is how it is easy to access him. Most SEO individuals do not have a timetable and are available any time you want to talk to them about any changes you want to make or for any new information you want to ask them.

The accessibility and availability of SEO Freelancers make them more collaborative comparing to SEO agencies that have a schedule and that you have to contact more than one person to make changes on a particular issue.

SEO Freelancer tools

Most SEO Freelancers combine different SEO Tools to sharpen your website and keywords ranking. Many of these tools are used to improve on page and off page SEO.

SEO Tools help them improve SEO results, track keywords performance and check any technical issues that may cause or decrease your keywords and website ranking.

There are a lot of SEO tools but most SEO Freelancers use the following tools and Software

  • Google
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Analytics SEMrush
  • Href
  • etc


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