Hire a leading SEO Expert

Finding a top SEO Expert who will help you to grow your company is a crucial milestone to your company in this technological era where everyone wants to search for any product or service he wants to buy before making any buying decisions.

If you have not recruited the best SEO specialist yet, you are lagging because, nowadays, most businesses know the power of search engine optimization.

For recruiting your future SEO Expert, your location doesn't matter; what matters is your company's growth by putting your company on the top of the people who are likely to purchase and engage with your business. So whether you have a office in UAE or any other country, you still need to hire a top search engine optimizer to avoid losing business because of ignorance.

An SEO Career is a field that requires a strong passion, which is the only thing that keeps every search engine optimization professional staying on top and delivering outstanding results. So if you have never had an SEO Expert yet in your company, before recruiting one, it is better to ask your future SEO guy how passionate is he about search engine optimization and what he is planning for your company. You have to know about these things because SEO passion push people to achieve amazing ranking results in a short period. You will not be surprised that many SEO specialists think about SEO before sleeping and wake up in the morning checking up the performance of their SEO results. That’s the secrets of many search engine guys, even if it might sound crazy.

From my personal experience, I cannot forget how excited I was the first time I outranked some of the biggest companies that have big teams, and I was the only person working on the SEO side of my first web project, whereas those companies have SEO departments that have nearly 20 people.

So the best time to recruit a top SEO expert who can transform your company is now. Do not wait until your competitors overtake your business.

Top SEO Expert in Dubai

What SEO stands for?

SEO is an abbreviation of search engine optimization, which means that it is the techniques and strategies SEO specialists use to improve organic search engine results of a website on particular search terms.

What does an SEO Expert do?

An SEO Expert is a search engine specialist who possesses the skillset that allows him to put important website keywords on the top of search engine results without spending any money on search ads.

In a company, most of the time, an SEO Specialist works closely with the IT and marketing department as it is a part of both marketing and technology.

How is SEO in UAE?

UAE SEO has high competition, and it is tough. You have to be smart enough to outrank most companies because they nowadays invest in organic search engine advertising by hiring highly qualified SEO Agencies or Consultants. If your business has not started the search engine optimization process yet, it is high time to think about it for now.

The benefits of having the best SEO in your company?

There are many benefits of having the best SEO ranking in your industry. But the most common benefits of an outstanding SEO are; increase in web traffics, leads, conversions, sales, and free promotions.

Moreover, display your company or business on top of your competitors shows how powerful your brand is. All of these benefits bring you more advantages when you have good customer care and impeccable services so that the leads you got from your SEO help you to retain your new customers.

Why your company needs a top SEO Expert?

Your company would need a top SEO Expert now if you didn't recruit any staff for this position because you need to make more money without spending much of your advertising and marketing budget.

Finding the right SEO Specialist will completely transform your business marketing campaigns and will optimize your ROI. Thus, it will save you many hassles, such as getting new customers and inquiries with less effort.

The search engine research shows that nearly 50% percent of internet users search the products online before deciding on buying or visiting a physical store. So this means that hiring a Search engine expert will help you to catch those people searching your business. It is highly recommended to have an SEO regardless of the size of your company.

When to hire an SEO Specialist

You need to hire an SEO Expert once you start experiencing the following issues; keywords ranking drop, your website is no longer on the first top search results or your website was removed from SERP, or if you can't find your products or services among the top website of search engines results.

How to recruit a Top SEO Expert?

Recruiting a top SEO Expert requires, firstly, understanding or having the basics knowledge of how search engines work. If you don't have some search engine knowledge, you can at least read the basics tutorial and introduction about search engine optimization before hiring an SEO employee.

There are different ways of recruiting your future SEO Manager; firstly, you can use Google by typing a search query about SEO Expert or consultant then later you can add a location where you want to retrieve your future search engine handler, later you can choose among the top ten that appears on the first page of Google. With these strategies, you can pick the best one because most of the best SEO Experts have their websites.

Leading SEO Expert in UAE

Secondly, you can use UAE job portals. I can encourage you to use the job websites that have mobile Apps because such websites have many profiles of highly qualified SEO Experts, or you can ask SEO VOW to assist you.

Where to find the best SEO Specialist in Dubai

The place to find the best SEO Specialist in Dubai is on the internet. Firstly, Google on them then finds the first ones that appear on the top of search results. Secondly, you can use local or international job portal sites.

SEO Solutions offered by most SEO Experts

Most SEO professionals depending on the objectives of your business, their SEO solutions, and responsibilities, are divided into the following; on-page, technical, off-page, local, and international SEO. There remember that this will also include content marketing and blogger outreach services.

  • On-page

On-page SEO consist of optimizing the internal part of your websites. This strategy includes the website structure, performance, hierarchy, and content that have to be used in meta tags.

An SEO professional helps you to improve your on-page SEO performance. Remember that this is the most crucial part of your website ranking, and it is the number one strategy that will allow your website to get indexed and crawled by search engines.

  • Off-page

A good off-page SEO increase your website ranking and also increase the number of referral traffics to your website.

To rank your website on competitive keywords that have high search volume, you have to hire an SEO specialist who can build the authoritative and relevant backlinks that will push your keywords to the top of SERP.

  • Local Optimization

Local SEO improves your website ranking in your region. For instance, assume that your businesses UAE. In this case, you will need to recruit an SEO professional to optimize your keywords locally so that any of your prospects based in Dubai, who want to search your products find yours on top of your local competitors easily.

  • International Optimization

International SEO is a search engine optimization technique that targets different countries and sometimes different languages.

There are three main aspects to focus on when it comes to international SEO solutions; Firstly, it is to use global keywords, second is to target different countries, and third, it targets potential internet users who search using different languages.

SEO Consultants Top Skills

The common skills of a competitive SEO Consultant are; keywords research, competitor analysis, on-page, Technical SEO, Off-page, Web Analytics, Web Development, Content Creation, and optimization.

These are the most important skills every complete SEO Consultant has to acquire in order to satisfy his customers or his employer.

  • Keywords research

Keywords research is an armor of any SEO Specialist who wants to drive the right web traffics that delivers qualified leads with high conversions. So he knows how to research the niche and find the right keywords that have a high search volume with a big impact on the company's ROI.

  • Competitor Analysis

Do not worry about your competitors' ranking because recruiting a passionate SEO specialist who knows what he does allows him to audit your competitors' strengths and weaknesses and come up with powerful strategies and techniques to overtake all of them in a short period.

  • On-page Optimization

On-page strategy is the main armor of every SEO specialist. So to improve any website's keywords ranking that has stiff competitors, you have to master on-page SEO strategies and tricks.

Good on-page SEO strategies are enough to start getting the best ranking even before starting creating backlinks. Therefore, a good specialist has to master on-page SEO secrets and tips.

  • Off-page Optimization

Off-page technique is among the most important part of each search engine optimization campaign. It requires patience and hard work as it focuses on the external part of your website that you cannot control as much as you want.

Off-page SEO mostly emphasizes creating strong link building strategies. Some SEO professionals focus only on backlinks creation. So during off-page optimization, you have to be good at SEO firstly, and then you have to know how to choose the best backlinks that will improve the website ranking and traffic rather than links that will not increase the keywords ranking and referral traffic.

  • Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a must-have skill for all SEO Consultants. It helps them measure the performance of your SEO campaigns, website keywords, and it gives clear web page insights that will be used to make decisions.

To improve your webs analytics skills, you have to learn Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and webmaster tools. There are even many web metric tools from third-party companies like Matomo which can help you measure the performance and user interactions of your website.

  • Web Development

An SEO professional does not have the necessary to be a web developer, but to stand out from the crowd; he has to understand web development and design so that in case he needs to make additional changes, he will be able to make it without the support of a webmaster.

Having web programming and coding skills is a plus because it helps any SEO Specialist instantly to increase a website ranking by solving technical issues that might affect keywords and website indexing and crawling without waiting for a web developer to come and do it on his behalf.

  • Content Creation and Optimization

Remember that Always Content is King when it comes to the SEO industry because it is not possible to get a good SEO without good content. A best SEO specialist has to know how to write and how to assess web content before uploading it to any company’s website. It does not mean that an SEO manager has always to be a content writer, but he has to be capable of guiding copy and content writers so that they can provide content that is both SEO and user friendly.

SEO Content strategies are crucial in search engine fields; it includes a different form of content such as copywriting, blogging, content marketing, PR, and blogger outreach.

Do you need a better SEO Ranking now?

Every company wants to get the best SEO results even if you can ignore hiring an SEO Specialist to boost your business, remember that your competitors are aware of the benefits and advantages of ranking their keywords on the very top of Google, Bing, and other major search engines. To get on the top of search results, let me know how I can assist you to increase your ranking today.


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