Web Analytics involves measuring a website’s metrics for measuring the activity of web users such as web pages’ visitors, actions, locations, gender, and much more for decision making. Here we will learn the most useful free web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Matomo, and more analytic tools. You will understand the basics and advanced strategies and techniques they use during organic and paid campaigns for tracking and measuring the performance of online marketing campaigns.

Web Analytics is the most important part of web marketing because it helps you to understand and to set online marketing goals. It will help you to know which campaigns are bringing more business, which campaigns that need more investments, and which one to improve.

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Web Analytics Services
Digital Analytics Services

The web metrics help online advertisers to collect and track the web user’s behavior, it helps during online visitors web surfing, the web user or customers' behavior online helps also to improve the strategy of marketing campaigns. These metrics help to optimize the webs usage and user-friendliness and user experience of your potential and targeted customers.

You will learn how to customize your Digital Marketing dashboard, to understand which columns have the most priority during your analytics reports. Reporting your metrics is the most important aspect of web analytics so this the reason why digital marketing analytics is critical for every online marketer.

Web analytics and metrics will reveal online traffic performance, data testing, on-site, or off-site analytics, landing pages testing and comparisons. It will help also to discover the data sources and medium web visitors use to reach our websites.

We will see together how to connect all your digital marketing channels such as Google ads, Bing ads, Social Media Marketing, and Email campaigns so that you will collect all your marketing effort in a single platform. We offer you the Web analytics Services for measuring and analyzing your campaigns. Bear with us for our Marketing Performance Analytics Services