What Does an SEO Consultant Do in general?

Who is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO Consultant is a professional who has search engine expertise capable of facing fierce web ranking competition of any business industry. You wonder what SEO Services and knowledge you can expect from him.

Here I have mentioned the primary SEO Skills and solutions an SEO Consultant provides

SEO Consulting

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the backbone of your website and keywords optimization.

An SEO Consultant optimizes all on-page related issues. He must possess in-depth skills of the web development process, so he can examine your website's structure to know whether there is any on-page problem that may challenge your keywords ranking.

An SEO Consultant masters HTML tags, which allows him to solve any web structure issue that would increase your website ranking.

Keyword Research

Understanding keywords that your customers are typing to search your business is the best quality an SEO Consultant must possess to help you compete on the market.

Your product keywords matter a lot in organic search campaigns. An SEO Consultant has to master how to combine the search terms, the difference between short tail, long tail, low volume, and high volume keywords. An SEO Specialist has to create a database of the top queries that your customers may use to reach your website.

Therefore research your website keywords that your competitors use to find the best strategies that you can apply to outrank them.

Competitors Analysis

A good Search Engine Consultant in online business is the one who can deeply analyze your main competitors. So if you own a business, you know well how severe is your industry competition that why you need a good SEO analyst to assist you.

An SEO Consultant will audit the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Thus, this helps him come up with new strategies and solutions that help you top your competitors' ranking.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is a vital process of keywords ranking. An SEO Consultant, even though sometimes he doesn't write content, he has to assist the team of writers in helping the articles’ optimization.

The SEO Consultant ensures that content structure, titles, phrases, and keywords meet search engine optimization best practices. He has to edit and provide ideas where necessary so that every sentence is written to increase the web pages' ranking.

Content Marketing

Content marketing helps you to promote your content so that it can generate new leads.

An SEO Consultant helps you to market your content so that you reach different web channels. His Expertise has to contribute to measuring your content metrics and suggests new strategies that can help you to reach a bigger audience.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO means linking your web pages to third party websites to increase your keywords ranking.

An SEO Consultant has to follow all the processes of driving organic web traffics from external resources. There are different strategies for optimizing your off-page techniques, but the aim must be to improve your website ranking.


Backlinks increase the website's authority. An SEO Consultant builds high-quality links that improve your website crawling and indexing on major search engines.

Backlinks are the most complex task of the SEO process. There are many strategies and tasks behind creating the best links to your web pages.

Brand Mentions

Your business does not have to focus only on search engine strategies. An SEO Consultant has to build a strong brand reputation that helps you to convince your potential customers. Therefore he has to collaborate with other platforms and marketing influencers so that you may increase your exposure.

Local SEO

You cannot rank well internationally before winning in the region. For instance, if you have a business in UAE and want to hire an SEO Consultant in Dubai, make sure that he understands your local market and directories so that he can help you dominate the local competition.

Local SEO requires understanding environmental challenges and how to reach the best sources that might help you convince the local buyers and website ranking.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics are techniques that help digital marketing and SEO professionals to measure the performance of websites.

Many SEO Tools come with built-in options for measuring the success of website performance. The most popular and good free analytics tool is Google Analytics. To set up analytics tools, you have to link or add some codes on your web pages to track the critical information and trends that can assist you in making the right decisions.

Web Design and Development

An SEO Consultant is not a web designer or developer, but he has to participate in your web structure to meet SEO best practices.

Search engine optimization requires testing and auditing each page and content of your site to provide suggestions. Many SEO Consultants know web design and development, they can assist you when necessary.


Nowadays, many businesses use Content Management Systems to create their websites. WordPress is the most popular CMS installed on a thousand sites in the world. Most SEO Consultants are familiar with the most popular drag and drop tools that ease the web development.

SEO consultancy requires flexibility that allows search engine experts to change or suggest the necessary software or web plugins that will help you to boost your keywords ranking.


Call-to-action helps web traffics and conversions of your visitors. CTA is essential in your marketing campaigns. Hiring an experienced SEO consultant helps you to find suitable terms to retain your customers and prospects.

CTA lures potential customers, which increases your web traffics. The organic call-to-action on your title, heading, meta descriptions, rich snippets, and your web buttons are the basics of text and colors you have to double-check.


Organic Conversion Rate Optimization grows your business without breaking the bank. An SEO Consultant increases your business profits by creating the right strategies that convert your web visitors.

Every SEO professional thinks about making you money. Thus, he has CRO expertise and advanced search engine techniques, which means that he does not get the web traffics only, but he also incites your potential customers to take important actions on your websites.

Video SEO

Video marketing has indirectly become a part of the search engine marketing path. There are two main parts of video optimization every SEO Consultant has to know; the first is to use the video for search Rich Snippets, and the second use is for YouTube SEO video.

There are other uses of video in search engine marketing such as Bounce Rate Optimization, and so on. An SEO professional has to possess some video compression and content skills so that he can use it to improve web navigation and speed.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Platforms play a role in search engine optimization. The most popular channels help you to improve your web traffics and web crawling as well.

An SEO Consultant has to collaborate with your social media management team to advise them to search terms and post tactics that work best in your business industry to improve your social presence and engagements.

SEO Audit

A right search engine consultancy goes with an advanced SEO auditing technology. Expect your SEO Consultant to check and test the past performance of your website structure and keywords ranking.

Search Engine Experts are the right SEO Auditor. They combine different troubleshooting tools that allow them to find any fault that may cause technical issues that affect your keywords and website ranking. They help him to provide adequate and accurate SEO solutions.

Fixing Technical SEO

An SEO Consultant is a versatile professional with tremendous skills that allow him to fix technical search issues that may cost you the first-page ranking.

Some technical hindrances that affect most websites are related to file formats such as speed, HTML tags, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP scripts or files that are not appropriately organized, which may not rank your website the way it deserves.


Expect an SEO Consultant to build a proper hierarchy of your web pages to create the necessary internal links to increase ranking and the time visitors spend on your website.

Interlinking internal pages help search engines to crawl, index, and improve your website bounce rate by increasing your web ranking. If you sell any type of products online or provide services, this process will enhance your conversion rate.

Web Hosting

Some companies don’t know that hosting their website anywhere could affect their website performance.

No SEO Consultant doesn't have experience with Web Hosting. Every search engine professional has the advanced technical skills that allow him to migrate your website if you have hosting issues. He might advise the best company that will meet your SEO and web project requirements.

Choosing the right web host package will improve your web performance, speed, security, SEO, and it also will prevent your site from going down temporally. So better ask your SEO consultant advice regarding your current hosting plan and service provider. In case you have a large website, he can assist you to use a better Content Delivery Network popularly known as CDN.

Domain Name

Yes, your domain name is a big deal in a matter of SEO and business branding. Some companies buy more than one domain name. The mistake that most of these business owners make is to buy a domain that will not expose their brand.

Search engine consultants know the impact your domain name can have on your business. Hiring an experienced SEO Specialist could help you choose the premium domain name that would boost your Conversion Rate and web ranking.

Web Security

Web Security is critical for your business privacy. An SEO Consultant is not a Security Engineer. Still, he has the skills to protect your website against the intruders and Cyber-attack that may leak your sensitive information.

It is impossible to have a good ranking if the browsers detect security issues on your website. For instance, a search engine such as Google favors sites that use HTTPS protocols. You have to collaborate with your SEO consultant to make sure that your websites are fully secured.

A search engine professional has to help you to choose the top Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which protects your website and your web visitors' privacy against malicious protocols and attacks. Therefore he has to check your web forms and codes against any possible information breaching such as SQL Injections or DDoS and Database security.

Paid Search Ads

Organic search engine results performance is different from paid search ads campaigns. SEO has a pivotal role in improving the Quality Score of a Landing Page during paid campaigns, which lower the PPC spend.

An SEO Consultant has the Expertise that helps him to assist in creating suitable search ad campaigns. Some organic search engine optimization professionals are flexible and have advanced PPC expertise.

Support Digital Marketing Team

There is a relationship between SEO and Digital Marketing, so Search Engine Optimization is one branch of Digital Marketing. So an SEO Consultant has to work closely with your marketing and IT department.

I have never seen an SEO professional who is not flexible. So he has to support your digital marketing team to achieve your business goals. Moreover, most digital marketers have SEO Skills that help them to collaborate with Search Engine Consultants.

SEO Tools

SEO Tools are the essential armors of every search engine professional. SEO Software helps you to execute complex and advanced SEO tasks that you cannot perform manually.

Various Search Engine Tools will facilitate your process, depending on what you want to perform. Some of these tools are free with limited usage, whereas others will ask your credit cards before using even their trial versions.

Here are the most popular usage of SEO Tools; competitors analysis, content optimization, backlinks, performance analytics, Keyword research, and tracking. So a good SEO Consultant has to master most of the best software and tools to help you outrank your competitors.

SEO Reports

SEO Reports help the company to understand the performance and metrics of their SEO efforts.

An SEO Consultant has to prepare the search engine reports that will help your business to understand the keywords and web pages' performance. These reports allow you to track the search terms that drive more traffics and conversions from your website visitors.

Guaranteed SEO Results

The crucial part of Search Engine Optimization is to ensure you ran your web pages on the first page of giant Search Engines, especially Google and Bing, which nowadays are the most popular websites.

Thre is no excuse, no matter what circumstances an SEO Consultant might face, but he has to provide you the results even though your industry may face fierce competition.


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